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Another well used and public space is the Merewether section of Bathers Way across the iconic Surf House. The design paid tribute to the heritage Ladies pool swimmers, boasting their names and their placing in the all ladies swim race.

This Project gained Newcastle City Council an exclusive National award for best utilization of Public space. It is no doubt this has been achieved based on the volume of local, tourists and passers by all year round.

Ryan Byrnes
Construction Manager

Starting as an apprentice with Michilis in 1997, Ryan has an abundance of construction experience, an eye for detail and a passion for producing quality projects.

Case Studies

Completed in 2012, Bar Beach Cliff Stabilisation was a job that had Michilis thinking outside the square. Being proud Novocastrians & having operated since 1964, Michilis ensured the standard delivered as always was high end. 

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Merewether Ocean Baths were refurbished by Michilis in 2014.

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